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ERP Systems

Un Customer Relationship Managemen (CRM) is a customer relationship management solution, normally oriented to manage three basic areas: sales management, marketing and after-sales service or customer care. it makes it easier to direct and manage customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

  • Thanks to the integration and centralization provided by ERP programs, the managers of the different departments will have real-time access to the same information. This reduces duplicate records and duplication of operations.
  • ERP systems are modular. In other words, each organization will be able to contract only those features it needs at a specific time. In the future, it will be free to contract the additional modules it needs.
  • When implementing or changing ERP, the supplier company will configure the application to adapt it to the specific needs of each case.
  • ERP systems collect all the data related to the organization's activity. In this way it is possible to control the transit of the product through all the elements of the value chain (traceability).
  • Increased efficiency, reduced errors and elimination of duplication significantly reduce the level of business costs.
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